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Polyzosteria mitchelli


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I wouldn't hold my breath for change for the pet industry. I don’t know how much they would be willing to share if you are you were to acquire them for research with a university. Perhaps as dead specimens for pinning. Your best bet is finding someone to ship you ootheca by mail. But they do require more attentive husbandry then most. By far most roaches can be kept like geckos with no hotspot but Polyzosteria as a genus do best with a hotspot like varanids or agamas. If you can spare the change I recommend getting Cockroaches of Australia by David Rentz. 

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Unlikely. Even though I'm not happy about Australia's ban, and even if I still don't think it's the best way to manage a nation's wildlife, as of late I've grown more recalcitrant to hope for the laxing of import laws because of the devastating effects the pet industry has wrecked upon wildlife the world over. With Australia at this point, it may be wise just to leave it closed like it is. By golly, we can't even keep a large number of species we've had before alive for more than a few years here in the US, and the same is even more true of Europe.



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