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2 things FUNNIER than seeing some one walk into a spider web...


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K, so one day at my friend Gigi's house, while her brother and I were out looking for snakes, we decided to walk over to the granite cliff in the middle of the forest. So while we're walking down, I constantly am being bombarded with spider webs, so the whole way down I'm screaming "SPIDERS!!!"

So then about 3 hours later, at my friend's party. My friend Gigi was re-telling the story, and when she got to the point "And all I could hear the whole time they're going down there is" and I notice there's a huge spider, randomly sitting on the ground next to my friend. So I screamed "SPIDER!!!" and Gigi's like, "Yeah, that's all I heard." Then they both realized the massive spider on the ground and started screaming "SPIDER!!!"


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