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My roaches are dying


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Hello. My roaches are dying. I threw out a bin with roaches because I suspected them to be contaminated with DE powder. That enclosure used to be a hamster enclosure so I washed and wiped the container first to remove the diatomaceous earth residue. Now I bought another plastic tub and a new colony. The tub had ventilation holes in them. I use bug gel for hydration and cat food as their primary diet. The same thing is now happening. Many roaches are dying. As I remove the dead ones, they get replaced by much more. I checked the ingredients of the cat food and I did not see an apparently poisonous substance. My roaches are B. lateralis roaches. I've read that cat and dog food contain too much protein that can cause stomach blockages to roaches so I will be replacing their food with something else. Please help!

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A varied diet of fruits and veggies with other free choice food items are usually a good diet.

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