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  1. Gyna is a genus? What do roaches of this type have in terms of longevity?
  2. Does anyone have tips for what to look for? I am familiar with how portentosa, grandidieri and oblongonota look so I'm well on my way toward looking for something that is a mix of them. I was just hoping for some clear tips. My understanding is that many hissers labeled portentosa a are actually hybrids of portentosa and grandidieri or of portentosa and oblongonota.
  3. I was thinking about whether the adults are self aware of the amount of space they occupy in captivity and will cut back on mating and reproduction if the enclosure gets too full? Alternatively would they just breed ad nauseum until they had crowded out their small space?
  4. Ok I will order some of that substrate thank you.
  5. Thank you for the quick reply. Ok so I unplugged the heater. That should make them take the plunge? It was on one side of their enclosure by the way not on the bottom. So the dead oak leaves on top and interspersed throughout the substrate isn't food enough for them ? I thought they ate that no?
  6. I have two American giant pedes in a creature keeper about one foot long by six inches tall. Their substrate is coconut fiber that I keep moist by misting their enclosure twice daily. I incorporated dead oak leaves on top as well as mixed into the coconut fiber. They have a small heater. They will not burrow but stay at the surface ! When I say that don't burrow I mean like ever. I have tried experiments where I bury them half way down the substrate but they always come to the surface and remain there. By the way the substrate is about five inches deep.
  7. I decided to put her in the freezer because she was suffering so. I'm going to do an autopsy and try to see if she was indeed pregnant after all Thanks again for your help
  8. :((( I'm really sad she was my favorite. Thank you for your help
  9. I haven't had any behavior like this in my colony on the part of anyone else. If it were pesticide wouldn't others exhibit this behavior too? I have experience with pesticide death when I gave a male Oblongonota some apple. It was peeled and washed but he ended up having convulsions, dark liquid fluid coming out of his bum that may have been diarrhea and then of course ultimately death. That happened much faster and my girl here has had no convulsions or discharge. I think this is pregnancy related ?
  10. Thank you ! I took a video of her and uploaded it so you can see how she has difficulty moving. Her joints don't work in her legs.
  11. I thought I would add one more symptom I have noticed. She feels limp when I pick her up as if she can't use any of her muscles kind of like a rag doll. This ends up making her feel rather soft to the touch instead of more firm the way they usually feel. As I said she does move her legs and antennae somewhat so she isn't paralysed and she does move across the enclosure. Her movement is just slow and labored. This particular girl isn't old and she has all of her tarsi on her legs.
  12. Does anyone know what the typical sex ratio is in a hisser clutch of babies ? 50/50? Or maybe there are more females so the ratio would be 60/40 female male
  13. We could call him Oliver Twist he's very cute !
  14. A favorite of mine has been pregnant now for a few months and was doing the usual heavy "breathing" that pregnant ladies do when they start to get large. For those of you who don't know what I mean it's a rhythmic movement every 10 seconds or so where the roach is pushing air out of her spiracles sort of "manually" because of the stress of the pregnancy. She had her hatch in the back open quite wide as well but recently in the past few days she has been comatose to the point that when I pick her up she makes no attempt to grab onto me with her legs. Hissers always do this but not she doesn't. Her legs are also kind of flat and bowed out to the point that she doesn't bend them when she does move so mobility is difficult. I'm really worried about her. I haven't seen behavior like this before. I tried to upload photos but no matter how much I cropped them the site is telling me they are too big.
  15. Hello all. I've been reading this forum for quite a while but have yet to post until now. A female tiger hisser of mine molted about 8 or 9 hours ago and she still hasn't completely darkened. She did not seem to have issues with the molt in terms of extricating herself from her old exoskeleton. I would post a picture but I can't seem to due to file size. In my experience the returning of color only takes 3 to 4 hours. I'm worried for her.