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  1. Chimera

    Goodbye for now...

    You'll be missed, Hisserdude. I didn't know you for long, but you were always so helpful in answering my questions and making me feel welcome. I have dealt with anxiety and depression for years now, and it's just awful to live with. I know the feeling of loved hobbies starting to feel like chores. Take some time to take care of yourself. Eat chocolate. Take walks. Watch MLP (I'm making my way through season 7 right now ). The forum will still be around when you choose to return. I wish you the best of luck!
  2. Chimera

    Breeding isopods for size?

    Ah, is that the only obstacle? *rubs hands together while chuckling evilly* That's a good point... I would have to wait for them to be fully grown before I could identify the largest specimens and breed them, even though they can produce young much earlier. Thanks for your feedback!
  3. Chimera

    Breeding isopods for size?

    Ah, okay. Maybe I can get my library to purchase Orin's isopod book. Hmm, so what you're saying is it may be possible to breed cat-size hissers.... Kidding, though that would be kind of amazing.
  4. Chimera

    Pseudoglomeris (Corydidarum) magnifica

    Thank for chipping in, Hisserdude! I've never seen any for sale in the US, but hopefully they'll find their way into the US hobby soon!
  5. Chimera

    Pseudoglomeris (Corydidarum) magnifica

    I've got to add them to my wishlist! Imagine a big display tank with a ton of them, and dark decor to make their beauty stand out! I guess European hobbyists can't generally ship into the US though, huh?
  6. Chimera

    Breeding isopods for size?

    Thanks for your reply! So what I'm gathering from that is that size isn't necessarily genetic? So selective breeding would be useless, it would be more effective to simply give individuals lots of space to grow? (As I said, a newbie here, so I just want to make sure I understand.) EDIT: For that matter, do genetics play a big part in roach size? I have so much to learn... Also, do you happen to know of any good sources for learning about the basics of isopod genetics? I really want to know more, but I don't know where to start.
  7. Chimera

    Breeding isopods for size?

    So I have recently become more interested in isopods. In particular, selective breeding of isopods. It seems that many people culture and isolate morphs, all to do with color or patterning. However, I can find absolutely zero information of the concept of breeding isopods for (bigger) size. Is there an obvious obstacle to this? Perhaps not enough size variability within species to select parents? Because, I don't know about you, but I think a 3-inch isopod would be absolutely incredible! Any links or info would be appreciated. Please keep in mind that I'm just coming into this hobby and don't know much about isopod genetics... So sorry if this is a stupid question!
  8. Chimera

    Perisphaerinae Changes...

    Good to know! Thanks for posting.
  9. Chimera

    Pseudoglomeris (Corydidarum) magnifica

    Oh my goodness, what beautiful roaches! I didn't know that particular Corydidarum species had been cultured yet. They look like little gemstones! @stanislas Where the heck did you get them from?
  10. Chimera

    Kyle getting back into business

    Thanks so much for posting that link! I'm jumping for joy right now. After some major life events, I only just got back into the idea of starting a roach collection. Just yesterday I finally checked out For the Love of Cockroaches (I suggested my library purchase it... and they did!). So seeing that Kyle's back in business seems like a sign Kyle: You don't really know me, but I'm so glad you're back and am looking forward to getting in contact with you!
  11. Chimera


    It's "being processed" currently. I'm planning on going to the library and hopefully picking it up today, as I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow and would love a good book to read on the plane I've heard lots of good stuff about it. I can't wait to read it! Me too, I was worried because of the price and the fact I'd never requested a purchase. Hopefully I won't be the only one excited to see such a unique book in the library system
  12. Chimera


    I know this isn't super relevant as a subject to discuss, but I'm just so excited! My library decided to accept my purchase request for For the Love of Cockroaches by Orin McMonigle, and now they have it! I have never hit "Place Hold" so quickly in my life! I can't wait to learn all about roaches and finally decide on a species for my next colony!
  13. Being a newcomer to the hobby, I have no suggestions, but wanted to say that they are beautiful little roaches! Their colors are reminiscent of a flame or sunset I wish you the best of luck with them!
  14. Chimera

    Found a cool video on M. rhinoceros!

    Right?! There's something extra fascinating about seeing a roach interact with its natural environment! No problem!
  15. Chimera

    Jet black Gromphadorhina portentosa?

    I'm normally for the more colorful roaches, but dang, there's a girl that can pull off the color black! Thanks for sharing the photo!