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Another Georgian

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1. Do you currently raise any roaches?

Yes; dubia, glowspot, Madagascar hissers and domino roaches. I would list the exact species, but typing on a phone is a pain. I also have 6 species of isopods, 2 species of millipedes, a few thousand peanut beetles, crested geckos and one beardie.

2. If so, how many?

A few hundred dubia, about 10 glowspots, 20 or so hissers and 5-10 domino.

3. Do you culture roaches as pets or feeders?

Both! I prefer to raise species that can be feeders but I like the roaches in and of themselves.

4. If feeders, what kinds?


5. Are there any specific roach questions that you would like to ask the community?

I imagine I'll post some critique-my-setup posts eventually.

6. How did you find our community?

Google by way of searching info on roaches and isopods.


Attached is a cute picture of a hisser decadently eating squash in my hand.


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Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here! :D

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