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Gyna cf. sculpturata (Rosy Pink Roach)


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The newest Gyna species in culture, and such a lovely one at that! :D Easy to breed, big and beautiful, these will surely be a hobby staple for some time to come. :) Females keep their lovely pink coloration basically until they're on death's door, males however fade from a ivory color upon initially maturing to a darker tan color in a mere week or two after maturing, kinda disappointing.

Large nymph:



Adult female:







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On 6/5/2022 at 1:59 AM, Sinistercreeper said:

Do you have a pic of the male?

Sure do! :)




Sadly though, I was never able to breed these, and I'm still not sure why... Been having crummy luck with Gyna as of late. 😕

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58 minutes ago, Sinistercreeper said:

Thanks wow they look amazing. Ahh what a bummer. Hopefully they'll pull threw soon and breed for you. 

Yeah, very pretty species for sure (though I'm still partial to Gyna capucina). :) Thankfully enough people are breeding these sculpturata here in the US that they're not gonna be going from the hobby anytime soon, so I'm not too concerned about mine crashing on me.

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