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Hisserdude's Springtails

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Well I've been branching out more into springtails, so here's some of the more interesting species in my current collection. :)

First we have my Cotton springtails, Entomobrya unostrigata. Collected these myself here in Idaho, and they do fantastic in dryer, well ventilated setups. I've spread them around a lot in the hobby this year, hoping they'll catch on as one of the more popularly cultured species, their fast breeding rates and medium size give them good feeder potential.


Then we have my Giant Silver Springtails, Tomocerus minor. I also collected these here in Idaho, they prefer cooler, humid conditions, but also like good airflow. They are slower breeding than a lot of other springs, but get HUGE, 4-5 mms body length.



Now onto some of my more recent additions, we've got these cf. Willowsia sp. "Kota Kinabalu", Malaysian Silver Springtails. These are medium sized and breed well in humid setups, they like decent airflow as well but might breed in more stagnant setups as well. As far as I'm aware I'm the first to culture these in the US.




Now for another giant, Pogonognathellus dubius, Giant Silver Bullet Springtails. These seem to average a mm longer than my Tomocerus minor, and are also a decent bit bulkier. They do well in humid but well ventilated setupsĀ 





And lastly, I've got these amazing Giant Belted Springtails, Orchesella cincta. They do well in damp and well ventilated setups (the latter being a common requirement for a lot of the larger springtail species). These average around 4-5 mms as adults, pretty hefty for a springtail, and beautiful to boot!




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