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Roaches for Arboreal Enclosures


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I have two tall enclosures roughly 4"W x 8"L x 12"H. The dimensions would make them good for a smallish arboreal invert or colony and I am playing with different ideas. They are gasket sealing containers that I have not added ventilation to yet, so I can adjust as needed when I settle on species. 

What are your favorite roaches that like to spend time up off the ground? 

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Heh, those are two genera I was planning to expand my arboreal experience with! As far as I know (which is what other people have said) Panchlora nymphs burrow, the adults will be visible, and all stages of Hemithyrsocera will be visible.

Check out @Martin's blog post about H. vittata, especially what they're doing in the photos at the bottom.


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