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Little Kenyan tips?

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Ok, I've had a colony of little Kenyan roaches for about a year and I just can't figure out what these want to reproduce well.  They are cute little things but I never seem to have more than about 10 adult and 10 nymphs at once. I've kept the enclosure dry. I've kept it more moist. Not sure if I am having nymph mortality or what, but I am stumped at this point. Any tips welcome!

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5 hours ago, birdonfire said:

A deep (in relation to size), moist substrate is recommended for little Kenyans. Leaf litter. Are your temps warm enough? 

They have about 3" in substrate but I could move them to a bigger container if needed.  What temps would you recommend?  I know some species need supplemental heat but I didn't know these were one so I have them at room temp. 

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I know very, very little about them.  Why do you have them and are breeding them?  What are their basic requirements?

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