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My newest roaches.


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So, I ordered some B. Giganteus from Peter's website, they were shipped to me from Orin and arrived the a few days ago. I finally got some photos of them when I was moving them to their new digs. :P

The smallest of the 4 had apparently molted today, it's now as big as the others.


One of the others.


Here's all 4 of them right before they all went underground. lol (the white overexposed thing in the very middle of the photo is the freshly molted nymph, and the rest of the overexposed stuff is a patch of sphagnum moss)


And their new home, a 20 Long aquarium with a screen cover, 2-3 of Eco-Earth substrate, and various things for them to climb on when they become adults and actually surface. lol


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