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I wonder if everyone acts this way when they see a cockroach?


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ROTFL!!! Haha, I am laughing so hard I am crying. I bet half of those girls didn't know what they were screaming and running from. Whooo! Holy cow! That is great.

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Embarrasing would be what the boys of that age would probably do to the creature. I could just picture the group of jocks pulling its wings and limbs off one by one or some other despicable form of torture.

Running and screaming from an unknown terror, like silly girls are prone to do is very humorous to me.

I am so happy my neice isn't like that. She is the prissy cheerleader type, but loves her auntie's creepy pets. I can't wait to show her my roaches. The last time she was here, she promptly informed me that spiders were not "bugs" because they had eight legs, so I think she'll like them.

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