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Roaches that climb plastic

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1 hour ago, The Wolven said:

Hello! I'm looking to start a small colony of N. cinerea for my mantises. However, these little guys are very fast and can climb. Do you guys have any small, escape proof set ups in mind? It will need ventilation obviously. 

Gasket tubs advertised as water proof are popular and work very well. 

For ventilation I use a Dremel to cut out pieces of the tub wall. Then I melt fine brass mesh over the ventilation holes and into the tub walls with a plastic welder.

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Gasket tubs, micromesh ventilation, and a silicone oil climbing barrier work great for almost everything.

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On 7/13/2022 at 6:27 PM, Hisserdude said:

silicone oil climbing barrier

Which one is safe or what combination of silicone and something else is safe?  Petroleum jelly runs if it gets too hot and some other stuff either is sold out or isn't safe.  I've searched for recipes and so far have not found any, so the search continues.  Any information is appreciated, thanks.

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