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Roaches for sale

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Posted by James on 7/17/2003, 7:07 pm

I have several different feeder roaches available. These are great for feeding all types of lizards, spiders, or for pets. Lobsters can climb and will need either Vaseline or bug stop to contain them. All my other species are non-climbers. I can email pictures if they are required. Discounts on purchases of multiple species.

Nauphoeta cinerea (Lobster Roach) 100 for $25 mixed adults and nymphs

Eublaberus prosticus (Orange head roach) 30 for $25 small to large nymphs

Blaberus giganteus (Giant Cave roach) 30 for $20 small nymphs

Blaptica dubia (orange spotted roach) 30 for $25 small to large nymphs

Eublaberus distanti (4-spot roach) available soon.

Add $7 for USPS priority shipping.

Email james.tuttle@afc.com

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