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My Wild Caught Blaberus Atropos

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 Wild caught Blaberus Atropos “Allapattah” locality. I believe these are from the same population that Alex found in Miami “near wynwood” many years ago. I found these in a private home in Allapattah that is owned by a pigeon breeder. He has hundreds of pigeons and thousands of Atropos. I collected about 60 adult females and a few males. Next time I return I will be more selective for pronotum markings. 



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54 minutes ago, Hisserdude said:

Very cool, not often we see people showing off WC Blaberus from FL. 

They are all over South Florida. They are not easy to find but they are everywhere. I know of more Blaberus populations that I plan on checking out soon. 

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I live on a mountain, use a wheelchair, and will need to leave the bug hunting to someone else for now at least until my 10+ acres are made into wheelchair friendly acreage without disturbing nature as much as possibly.


Congratulations on your fine.

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