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Dwarf Hisser Nymphs (Protein)


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Quick pic of my dwarf hisser nymphs in the food dish which was full last night and I sprinkled some on the bark as well 


I've noticed nymphs of all species are very protein hungry even when the adult of the species might not be so I've always made high protein food available to all my Roach nymphs and they grow very well 




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I totally agree mate the dwarfs and halloweens are really pretty Roaches and they breed very quickly and could be used for very meaty feeders I don't they're pets but I do feed off excess males tho

I've got to Rehouse them (dwarfs) into something much bigger as they've exploded been meaning to do it for a while so it's definetly my next job and I'll get a pic of how many there are when I put them into a holding tub before moving them over 



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