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A new Hissing Cockroach Breeding Project

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I am looking for (pure or mostly pure) individuals of all 6 hissing cockroach species.  I plan to start the breeding project sometime in December or January, so I would just like to know where to obtain at least 1 breeding pair of:

Gromphadorhina portentosa (Madagascan Hisser)

Gromphadorhina oblongonota (Wide Horn Hisser)

Gromphadorhina grandidieri (Tiger Hisser)

Elliptorhina javanica (Halloween Hisser, Javan Hisser, Javan Beauty)

Princisia vanwaerebeki (Vibrant Hisser)

Aeluropoda insignis (Flat Horn Hisser)

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@Magnificent Beasts has most of the species you requested available. :) I've also got a few pure hisser strains available as well, and a couple ones that are brand new to the US hobby that I hope to make more widely available in the coming months. 😁

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28 minutes ago, Roshan Vignarajah said:

Thanks for post.  Do you know where any grandidieri is?

@Magnificent Beasts has tigers available (which are not grandidieri BTW, true grandidieri are not in culture and look nothing like the hobby "tigers". The tigers most likely represent a unique form of vanwaerebeki).

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12 hours ago, Roshan Vignarajah said:

@Hisserdude, do you have ~5 nymphs of P. vanwaerbeki that you could sell? Or a sexed nymph pair? 

I could probably do 5 nymphs... PM me. :)

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