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Confused. Female (I think gravid) not behaving right.


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She’s been gravid for a little over two months now (or so I thought) but the last week she’s just looked like this. No airing out the ootheca, not a ton of movement, no aborted ootheca. Does anyone know what’s going on? I can’t find a single other picture online that looks like this. Won’t let me insert image. Here’s the link: https://postimg.cc/2qLxHPNH

sorry about the quality. I didn’t want to disturb her and she’s in a bad spot. It looks like her ootheca is peeking out by about a cm, but it has been all week. Ideas? 

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Looks like she may have had a prolapse... :( Either it'll dry and shrivel up, possibly fall off, and she'll heal (but never breed again). OR she'll die within a few weeks. Not much one can do in this situation, prolapses seem to be flukes mostly.

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