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Orange Heads perfect wings no biting

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I read a lot about wing damage with orange Heads and realised the other day I've never had any of that problem as all my adults are perfect IMG_20221103_013349_copy_493x310.jpg.95df5c3770045acfea4d00300d3263e2.jpg

Which I'm assuming is due to the bark cave and layered bark pieces providing many hiding places plus deep substrate and finally a continuous high protein diet with food always available 

Also I usually throw in a small handful of mealworms every week which they hunt down with great enthusiasm but I noticed the other day a few adult beetles so I investigated further and found a small thriving colony of mealworms in all stages in the damp area of the sub now I'd noticed the colonies food consumption had decreased and this would explain why it's like a balanced little eco system 

I've also experimented throwing in some Roach nymphs which they also eat obviously a few survive and I see the odd adult but they don't get a chance to breed up in numbers and it's only ever a small handful 

So I've now found tho I still keep a permanent supply of high protein dry food and some veg/fruit available as I said they're consumption is noticeably less 




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They are mate very 😳When I was reading about them before I actually got them there was lots about protein hungry and eating other insects wing biting etc so I just experimented 

I once threw about 100 runner nymphs in expecting to have to start hauling them out as adults at some point BUT I never saw a single mature adult the biggest they got to was about half grown 

Did the same with some lobsters and I've only ever seen maybe two or three adult survivors

But seriously anyone keeping them give them lots and lots and lots of protein and they love humidity with high temps or mine do at least 

It's a shame they tend to hide and or burrow a lot they're seldom out on display as it were which is sad as they're a very pretty Roach 





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