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Help with nymphs please!


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I accidentally dumped some adult dubia roaches into my colony of adult hissers and now one of them has been breeding. I want to seperate them but I'm not sure which specied (god forbid both) had the nymphs. Is there an easy way to tell the two apart. The nymphs can't be more than a few days old but they are a centimeter long. and greyish. If someone with both species could show me some pictures of each that would be SUPER helpful. I need to get these guys apart before it becomes a lost cause!


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I believe that dubia nymphs play dead when you pick them up and turn them over. ^^

You may also notice that hisser nymphs are (usually) elongate and dubia nymphs are more ovoid. Also, hisser nymphs have markings near the "shoulder" area and dubia nymphs are relatively uniformly mottled/colored.

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