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My Buthidae


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I really love Palearctic Buthidae. These are all species of the Palearctic that live in arid conditions. I generally like animals and plants from arid places (xerophiles).

Now I am actively collecting species of desert Buthidae and here is what I already have in my collection at the moment:

Androctonus amoreuxi (Audouin, 1826) 1.1.0 Egypt
These scorpions came to me in the fall from Egypt. The male is very active, but does not react to the female in any way, ignoring her. The female drives him away. Apparently she is already fertilized in nature.


Androctonus australis australis (Linnaeus, 1758) 2.2.35 Egypt
These scorpions arrived earlier, also from Egypt. One of the females has given birth and is now mating again with one of the males. Another pair has not yet been activated, but is planned.

Androctonus australis garzoni (Linnaeus, 1758) 1.3.0
These scorpions are also from Egypt, but already F1. One female was mated with a male, I am waiting for offspring, she is already very fat. The rest of the females are not involved yet, they are planned in the near future.


Androctonus crassicauda (Olivier, 1807) 0.0.4
These scorpions came from the Middle East. All four big teenagers. I'm waiting for them to mature.

Androctonus gonneti Vachon, 1948 0.0.2
These scorpions are teenagers. I'm waiting for puberty. I really hope for a different gender.

Compsobuthus egyptiensis Lourenço, Sun et Zhu, 2009 0.0.5 Egypt
These scorpions arrived in autumn from Egypt, they are all adults. I'll be knitting soon. Rare in culture.

Leiurus quinquestriatus (Ehrenberg, 1828) 1.1.23 Egypt
These scorpions were caught in Egypt a long time ago. This is already F2-F3. The female gave birth, the offspring is very strong. Probably need to get the couple back together.

Mesobuthus thersites (C.L. Koch, 1839) 0.0.4 Kazakhstan
These scorpions came from South Kazakhstan. One female is probably already fertilized because she is very fat and drives away the male. The second was recently fertilized. I look forward to offspring.


Olivierus gorelovi (Fet, Kovařík, Gantenbein, Kaiser, Stewart et Graham, 2018) 0.0.4 Kazakhstan
These scorpions also came from South Kazakhstan. They are all still teenagers. I look forward to their maturity.

Orthochirus melanurus (Kessler, 1874) 1.1.4 Kazakhstan
These scorpions are from the same place, southern Kazakhstan. Almost all adults. The female was recently fertilized. I am expecting offspring.


These are my desert friends :)

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