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about Latin grammer


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for example,





what means '~ella' in Latin scientific name?

the reason what i ask this here is,

i want to know certainly 'Blattella=Blatta'.

PS:sorry for my english.

...for starters, you are mixing Latin and English.

Blatta is Latin for "cockroach", and it is a Genus of cockroaches.

'ella' is a Latin suffix to a term. It is a diminuative that can either feminize a term or refer to the term in a manner of smallness. In Latin names, the context of the genus and species names must match. For example, Blatta orientalis means the oriental cockroach named with the masculine context of -is at the end. But for Blattella germanica then the term germanica is a more feminine context and Blattella more literally means "small cockroach" but specifically is given that context because German had to be germanica, ergo the genus and species are in context together.

In some cases the terms can be interchangeable, but you have to understand how Latin works to understand when this is appropriate. I believe there are 5 different declensions of each word (in Latin); the masculine, the feminine, the neuter, the to be, and the irregular. Not all of these apply as they do in English, so I would recommend taking a course of study in the Latin language to better understand.

Neither "chlora" and "umbra" are English words, but word fragments with a Latin derivative.

One to two years of study of Latin should give you a better understanding. But also know this is part of why it is considered a "dead language".

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