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Now I like roaches


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Hi guys, I just found this forum while searching up roach stuff.. thought I'd like to join :)

A while ago I thought I'd like to get back into keeping Ts, decided to start a Dubia colony first.. which I never did previously, and now I rather like roaches!

So, the Dubia colony is thriving.. one more than one occasion I thought it was raining heavily outside.. turned out it was the Dubias having a major rustle... can you relate? 

Now I have started a hisser colony (which unfortunately or not is clearly made up from a bunch of hybrids.. I'm going to make a separate post regarding that), and I purchased a Domino starter colony with mixed nymphs up to probably one molt before adult.. really looking forward to seeing the adults emerge. I also have a tank of Psyttala horrida assassin bugs.. hoping to get those breeding.. fingers crossed! I'm into display tanks, so other than the Dubias (for now) they are all in decorated tanks.

See you on the forum!

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