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Can anyone REALLY recommend B (or S) lateralis?

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I am really concerned that these little blighters will invade my home (I'm in South Africa) and have almost made the decision to feed the colony off and stick to my other feeder species. :o

Does anyone rave about these as great feeders for beardies and tarantulas? If not I'll stick to P. pallida, B. dubia and E. posticus... :P

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I like them because the nymphs don't burrow. It makes it easier to feed to slings. The nymphs are really tiny too so they're great for small slings and mantids.

Tough one. I think they are the best of all roaches for feeding tiny things like tarantula spiderlings or anything else that is very small because of the no-burrowing aspect and small size of the nymphs. Once the roach consumer grows a bit though, I would suggest lobster roaches. Now I am also a person who keeps a wide variety of roaches, even pest species, in culture and am very careful when it comes to containment and maintenance....

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Ditto Matt. What I did for a group of RETF's is I bought some lateralis from an online source. Sorted for size, all babies, so no breeding. As soon as those are used up I will be switching the treefrogs to lobster roaches...which at that point they should be able to take at least middling sized nymphs.

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