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Roach Housing

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Posted by Mothi on 2/1/2004, 2:03 pm, in reply to "Roach Housing"

I keep dubia and discoids in large plastic containers (species are in seperate containers of course). I have 2 4" wide heat tape going long ways along the bottom of both containers for heat. I put the heat tapes on a dimmer so I can adjust the amount of heat generated. I use a little aspen for bedding and stack egg crates horizontally..unglued for easy removal. Food I feed mine are dog food (finely chopped in food processor), baby cereal, wheat germ, bee pollen, spirulina, and brewer's yeast. (In the order of ingredient volume.) I make my own Moisture Munchies made with fruits, veges, jar baby foods, etc or the combination of them. To make your own moisture munchies, check the link below.

Link: Moisture Munchies



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Posted by Bob Carmany on 2/1/2004, 7:53 am, in reply to "Roach Housing"

Get a large plastic container (I use a 66-quart size) and cut a section out of the top. Cover the opening with metal screen with a hot glue gun. For those species that are glass climbers, you can either use the Teflon based Bug-Stop or Vaseline in a band a couple of inchines wide around the top.

Cut three egg flats in half and glue them together again with a hot-glue gun. Stand them on edge (the roach feces will then fall through). You can keep them indoors in the winter and I put mine out in a storage shed in the summer.

Food: I use Mouse/Rat pellets pulverized in a blender into a powder. Cricket drink provides the moisture. If you need any further, contact me at my email address and put "Roaches" in the subject line.


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