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Found American Roach

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Oh No! I have 2 buildings out back full of "stuff". While rummaging through I was startled by this rather large bug as it turns out it is an American roach. I found many oothecae in one particular box that was full of fabric and sewing patterns. So my thought was momma roach thought my patterns would make great baby food. Hmm. I have never seen this type of roach before in my life. A bit intimidating. I will not be going back into that building without a flashlight again!

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I hear ya. It's kind of funny, even though I have “pet” cockroaches at home and am doing some studies on native cockroaches in southern Utah Pest roaches still make my pulse quicken for a second. I work with the DWR at a few reservoirs in southern Utah and I went into the restroom four days ago and found, quite by surprise, a fat little cockroach swimming around in the urinal. I stepped back for a second, did a second take, and went about my business leaving him to float in the other urinal. I find it humorous that I have all these cockroaches in containers at home and actually TRY REALLY HARD to find others out in the field but a pest stirs me for a second while my instincts take over beofre my brain clicks on.

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