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Blaptica dubia

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A couple of weekends ago I've totally cleaned my dubia colony. I took my chances to take some pictures.

A clear example of color difference amongst two adult males.


An adult female, it's a pity that the antennae are damaged.


Now I do know how many dbia roaches I own, some 4 liters. :D


A high view.


This is their cleaned home.


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Unfortunately I didn't think of weighing the critters when I had the time. :(

nex time you could weigh them all then the bucket then one and you'd be able to work out rougly how many you had, :) lol! but i think baldric from blackadder counting comes in to play here... 1, 2, 3, many

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Speaking of peers, I'm surprised to see so many Black Adder fans. I've got I, II & III and BA Goes Forth on VHS. Question of relevance...do a bucket of dubia go as well with the show as a bucket of popcorn? Certainly, either is better than a potato shaped like a...or was that a turnip?

I keep my young dubia with isopods. It's amazing how similar they look.

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I've been raising some dubia, comparing siblings. Most dubia are brownish, but some brothers were black like yours. I noticed 2 things about this phenomena, the black individuals are always larger and always more dominant. So my guess is its good to be a darker male dubia.

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