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Tonight's Dorm Visitor


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My roommate called my attention to something earlier. I look over and there is a mantis right under her horseshow ribbons. So I climbed all over trying to find something long enough to reach him, and he flew across the room to a more accessible spot. My words "I didn't know they could fly! Cool!"

I eventually got him to land on a rolled up poster, and took him outside. The girl in the lobby asked what I had, and she screamed "KILL IT! KILL IT!" I laughed at her and took it outside and put it on the shrub right outside the door.

My roommate's words "You are nuts." LMAO


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They are so fascinating. I remember vividly when I was very young, probably around six, my brother called me into his room to show me a teeny little green baby mantis on one of his shirts before he put it outside.

I'm sure by the end, I am going to be labled the "Bug Girl" here at school. It sucks going to an all girl school in that aspect.

My first week, we walked around campus, and someone freaked out over some daddy long legs on one of the buildings. I had to calm them down. With a "they are perfectly harmless." *sigh* Girls. lol

I think I am going to make some yard signs with "Share the Sidewalk" with a picture of an ant or something.

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