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E. distanti

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Posted by Josh on 3/22/2004, 4:13 pm


We have a well established colony of the roach Eublaberus distanti or the 6 spotted roach.

Size of adults are approx. 2-2 ?" or around 50-60MM.

These are vivaparous roaches that can not climb glass or plastic so do not require messy Vaseline application or expensive painted teflon products.

They are vegetarian in nature and have been raised on an organic gutload mixture that has worked consistently for all of our roach colonies.

Nutritious, easy to care for, no odor, non climbers, large in size, live-bearers, makes them an excellent food source for many reptile species.

If you are familiar with feeder roaches you well know that this species has only been available in very limited numbers and normally around $35 a dozen for nymphs.

These are now available in limited quantities of 25, 50 and 100, of which approx. ? of the order will be adults and ready to bear young. The nymphs are large also and just 1 or 2 molts away from breeding age. These are not tiny nymphs like most people sell.

Quantity of 25 - $45

Quantity of 50 - $75

Quantity of 100- $125

Price includes Priority Shipping via USPS. Shipping on Mondays only. Payment must be received by Friday to guarantee Monday shipping.

There is a limited number available and all will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Willing to trade for the following species:

P. nivea-Green Banana Roach

A. tesselata-Peppered Roach

B. giganteus-Giant Cave Roach

Blatta lateralis-Turkistan Roach


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