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Hi from Texas


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Hello, I recently started using feeder roaches for my tarantulas and I think there great, I really really hate crickets lol. So far I have Nauphoeta cinerea (lobster roaches), Gromphradorhina portentosa (hissing roaches) and Blatta lateralis (turkistan roaches). I have a few hundred of each and so far no smell 0 deaths in my enclosures, Im really loving them. In the future Id like to get some more exotic type roaches as pets, like I saw some black hissers on this forum that would be awsome. Besides all the roaches I have 40 tarantulas, a half dozen stagmomantis Carolinas (carolina mantis), some Dropsophila melanogaster (Flightless fruitflies) and 0 crickets ( :P ).

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I'm from Texas as well! I currently live in New Braunfels, and going to school at Texas State. What parts do you live in? I am currently breeding b. dubia, and expect some b. fusca later this week. I am breeding them for my Tree frogs. I as well want to get more exotic species of roaches, but trying to keep up with what I have.

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