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New collection Blaberus


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These appear to be the exact same photos as on another tarantula related forum, and some of them are not correct with the names on the photo.

It would be better if you posted photos of your actual roaches and not what someone else has and what they photographed.


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Hi Tom-

I am a member of the BCG and very familiar with all those who are. I have also read several papers and texts on these roaches.

The thread on the other forum displays all the answers to which you refer (as you had copied the photos and text word for word from Vincent).

Link: http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?t=138188

B. cranifer is mislabeled- it is not a B.craniifer. The B.craniifer "black wing" is the only craniifer in existance but now very few people who are only in Europe still refer to it otherwise out of old habits.

Also, the photos labelled "b. craniifer" "black wing" are clearly hybrids and not purely bred Blaberus craniifer.

Also, the photo labelled Blaberus parabolicus is not a B.parabolicus, nor are they known from anywhere but Peru other than hypothetically.

Additionally ther eseems to be some dietary issues at hand as all of them have overactive pigmentation and spread-winged, which is usually a side effect of husbandry issues.

*Last and most important- it is unseemly for someone to post that they have some roaches and then post photos of someone elses roaches. Rather, to be truthful and genuine as an enthusiast it would be better for the hobby public if you instead shared photos of what you actually own. Otherwise it would be as ethical for me to say I own a Beluga whale and randomly post a picture of one in a pool somewhere.

Keep the hobby free of confusion, clutter, and misperceptions, Please.

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