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Roach Book?

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Posted by Brandon on 3/25/2004, 3:12 am

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has purchased the, "Allpet Roaches: Care and Identification Handbook for the Pet and Feeder Cockroaches"? Is it worth the money? Are there any other good resources out there (books or otherwise) on the subject of care and breeding of roaches?

Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time,


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Posted by mj on 3/25/2004, 4:31 am, in reply to "Roach Book?"

the internet is a great resource! otherwise, you can read "the compleat guide to cockroaches"; no keeping or breeding tips there, but it makes for a very interesting read if u are a blattlover. otherwise, roach lit is mostly hard to come by.

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Posted by Allpet Roaches on 3/25/2004, 12:55 pm, in reply to "Roach Book?"

Hi Brandon,

The present edition of the book has photos and info. for 70+ species. It is a must have for every true roach fan.

Some of the info. and species pictured can be found nowhere on the net (and you can read it while relaxing and without damaging your eyes)

I wish it were huge and hard bound but the hobby isn't big enough to make that realistic.

Take care,


Link: Allpet Roaches

Allpet Roaches

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