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UTH Heat Pads..


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I read on a website that the Repti Therm U.T.H. - Mini heat pad could safely be used on plastic terrariums, just not the larger ones. I am having to use the plastic ones, since I do not have the space to keep everything in 10 gallon aquariums. I guess my questions are this:

1) Does anyone use heat pads on plastic terrariums with no issues?

2) Has anyone had any fire hazzard problems using heat pads(i am getting conflicting info on websites about thier safe use).



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I use heat pads on the sides of my enclosures. It keeps the heat from building up too much. I used one on the bottom of an enclosure once and the heat built up so much I almost got burned when I put my hand into the substrate over the pad and any roach that would have burrowed there would have been killed by the heat. That was with a flat container, not one with feet. If the container has feet and allows for some heat to escape it probably won't melt the container. Dubia, at least, are smart enough to follow or escape from the heat source. Mine will clump together on whatever side the heat comes from even if I keep moving it.

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