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Shipping Roaches

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Posted by Mothi on 3/30/2004, 1:01 pm

How do i package roaches to ship? I am starting to get an excess of discoid roaches that I don't really need so I thought I would sell. Seems easiest to ship then sell locally (Southern CA).

What is the best carrier and price to ship, typically?


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Posted by Joel on 3/30/2004, 1:58 pm, in reply to "Shipping Roaches"

I shipped mine via ups and usps.

You can use just about anything to put them in. Soem place egg crates in a shipping box and seal it and that's it.

Depending on temps you may need a heat pack.

Also you can use overnight shipping or 2 day priority.

Just remember to have them make sure it's lega; to have discoids. Some place allow only males..


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Posted by Grant on 3/31/2004, 1:53 am, in reply to "Shipping Roaches"

All you need to do is ship them USPS Priority Mail. It is the cheapest fastest and most trusted way you can ship live animals. Put the roaches in a reuseable gladware container with shredded newspaper and a sponge of water inside your shipping box. Then use packaging peanuts to fill the empty space.

Link: http://www.thehissingroach.com/


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