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Roach Research Project

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Posted by Chris Montross on 3/30/2004, 7:08 pm

I am asking for assistance in acquiring additional species for a live bearing roach research project that I am getting underway at the Montgomery Zoo. I am evaluating species for their individual usefulness as feeder species. The main focus of the project is a reproductive study to establish estimated times to reach desired colony sizes. Many other attributes will be evaluated that would help one decide which species would best suit their feeding or desired needs.This information will be made available publicly for all to utilize when completed(sometime next year). As more and more people are turning to roaches as a primary or alternative food source for their insect eating animals there seems to be two main questions I get when confronted by the non-roach raisers.Which should I get and how long until I can start feeding them.There are lots of details about the project that I can provide privately if needed.I have Many species already involved&several more are being sent soon. I am asking for donations of species or in trade for a few species that I have to surplus to make this project as complete and encompassing as possible. As special thanks to Richie Willis, Orin McMonigle and Ken & Steve of Roach Domain for helping me acquire many species.

The following list if of species I have already for the project or have them coming soon. All live bearing species are desired so please consider helping. Thanks

Have:Eublaberus distanti,Eublaberus prosticus,Blaptica dubia,Nauphoeta cinerea,Blaberus discoidalis,Gromphadorhina portentosa,Blaberus craniifer,Blaberus giganteus,Panchlora nivea,Panchlora sp.(Giant),Diploptera punctata,Henshoutedenia flexivitta,Gyna lurida,Byrsotria fumigata,Pycnoscelus surinamensis,Pycnoscelus surinamensis(black wing),Blaberus fusca,Phaetalia pallidus,Blaberus parabolicus,Schultesia lampyridiformis

Still want:

more Blaberus parabolicus,Archimandrita tesselata,Gyna capucina,Gromphadorhina portentosa(giant stock), any other live bearing species be raised in the US

species to trade:Eublaberus prosticus,Eublaberus distanti,Blaptica dubia,Nauphoeta cinerea,Blaberus discoidalis, possibly a few cb H.spinifer scorps

Only those in the US can donate and I am funding this project myself and being assisted by an undergraduate herpetology student from NCState Univ.

Thank you

Chris Montross

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Posted by Victor on 4/2/2004, 5:01 am, in reply to "Roach Research Project"

Hi, I'm a student from South Mexico (State of Veracruz) and I'm interesting for studing roaches, chiefly I want to know roaches diversity of my country, I'm looking to make a catalog of mexican roaches and I need some articles, catalogs and memories.

Please E-mail me. Or who can help me?

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