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Amblypigids anyone?

Matt K

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Title says all. If you have them, post a pic and describe your set up for them. Feel free to list how many of what species you may have too. I am trying to control myself and not collect every species I can find. :o

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Ok, I have decided that I am not complete as a person without collecting whip-spiders. :blink:

So I am going to get rid of some odds-n-ends to make room..... mostly tarantulas but maybe a few other bugs and a couple roaches.....

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I'm getting a Florida Tailless Whipscorpion (Phrynus Marginemaculata) this weekend. :D

..I think I am going to get a group of those soon. I just bought a group of Damon diadema and a group of Phrynus barbadensis. Hopefully will have decent pics in a few days.

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