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Finally Have Dubias


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So I just got my 100 or so dubias today! It doesn't seem like much and I know that I'll have to wait a couple of months before I can start feeding them off.

I just put them in a new 16 gallon plastic bin that I got for $8. I have them eating on dried Meow Mix and a piece of iceberg lettuce because that's all we

have right now. Right now none of them are eating, but I suspect that'll change when it's night time.

Can someone suggest anything else? I know I'm not feeding them properly because I don't have what I need as of now, but I'll look for it tomorrow.


Thought this pic was pretty funny, he couldn't get up.


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A nice, cheap dog food contains plenty of grains for them and fish flakes contain a good amount of protein. If you give a variety of foods they will eat what they need. Mine also really swarm out for a chunk of carrot or a piece of grapefruit. A leaf of romaine lettuce will be devoured quickly too.

I've noticed that when I divide my colonies the ones in the new enclosure take a while to start eating well and just hide or sit doing nothing. Once they get settled and used to the new home they start eating and breeding like a switch was turned on so don't be surprised if your apparently slow-growing colony suddenly takes off and you see more nymphs than you thought you'd have.

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