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Where to buy egg crate locally...

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I know this is a repeat topic, but I can't search for 'egg crate' because the search function spits it back if it contains three-characters-long strings or less. I went into Lowe's today and asked for "egg crate" and got a bunch of weird looks. One guy brought me over to insulation and showed me something KIND OF like it, but it wasn't egg crate, just liner for attic insulation. Then I went into the lighting department and didn't see any of it.

What is the egg crate people are using in their roach cultures originally intended for? I think that'd help me narrow my searches down at the local stores. Is it white foam egg crate? Is it for lighting fixtures? Mattresses? Or what?? Going into a store and merely asking for 'egg crates' has proven poor results so far... <_<

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