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Hello, everyone! I'm glad to have found this site. I have been raising Turkistan roaches as feeders for my pet galliwasps for a little over a year and keeping Death's Heads for two years. I stumbled upon this site as a I was searching for information on the famous Rhinoceros Cockroach. I have also began to culture dubia about a week ago. I have always liked unusual animals and was drawn into this hobby by a friend of mine who suggested I try roaches to feed my herps. As far as other animals, I have 1.1 crested geckos, 1.1 giant galliwasps, and I have a tank set up for some Dynastes Rhinoceros beetles. I've been looking for some CB ones for a while now. If anyone has any grubs or extra adults, I will be more than happy to take some off your hands :D Thanks for reading this, it is a pleasure to meet you all!


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