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Shipping question need a little help

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Alright bear w/ me for a second. I posted something similar to this thread a while back but am looking for someone to walk me thru the steps to shipping a lot of roaches. I am sending my friend 450 male dubia. How would I package these correctly for winter travel? I'm going to get some 72 hour heat paks and send this package 2-3 day priority. I'm figuring it's going to have to be a box inside a box w/ newspaper tightly packed around the inside box. Where do I tape the heat paks and how many should I use? Maybe chuck in a carrot for some road food etc.

If I'm way off on my packing scheme than I'm all ears.

Thanks again for any help guys!


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I have received 6 shipments of dubias this winter. Every package was from a different seller and all were packed differently. They all made it.

The first order the roaches were placed into a zip lock freezer bag with no air holes whatsoever. There as a heat pack placed inside the box with newspaper. When I opened this box up I thought I was going to have bug soup. Miraculously they all survived.

The next order came in cups with air holes and screen lids with heat inside box packed with Styrofoam peanuts.

Another order was in a box with heat pack taped to outside of inner box and mailed in a larger box with newspaper filler.

And the best of the bunch was in two plastic bread boxes with air holes and some egg crates inside. Two heat packs were inside the outer box with newspaper filler.

And the last was today - had them in plastic food containers (like you would get a takeout spagetti dinner in) with air holes and egg crates inside with heat pack in outer box with newspaper filler.

All shipments had carrots and one had lettuce (this was kinda nasty but effective).

I guess the point is that they will make it if you provide minimal effort. It has been really cold in my area as of late and still have had no issues yet.

Good Luck

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I've heard of taping the heat pak onto the inside box. But when you say it was w/ the filler newspaper, do you mean it was just floating around in there or did they pack it nice and tight next to the inside box?


The filler paper was packed tight enough to keep the inner box form moving around. I would assume that air could travel around the inner box as it was not that tight. All heat packs were either tapped to the inner box or place next to it so as to heat one side of the inner box.

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