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Posted by Roachfreak101 on 3/31/2004, 1:59 pm

Hi All!

Just letting everybody know that it's time again for the bi-monthly ROACHDOMAIN "name that roach" contest.

This months picture is up and running so get your thinking caps on.

The contest starts tomorrow (thursday).

E/mail me your guess at ROACHDOMAIN.com and click on the link button "contest page" (on the main page), be sure to put "contest" in the subject heading of your e/mail.

This months winner will recieve 2 black hisser nymphs including shipping!

ROACHDOMAIN is again taking orders for roaches, please click on the link button "roaches for sale" on the main page.

Please visit our insect message board, and our new "news and updates" page, links to both can be found on the main page.



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