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Roaches wanted.

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Posted by Bryan on 3/31/2004, 6:18 pm


Hey all. First of all i have to state that i am located in Singapore and therefore you must be willing to ship over here.

I am looking for the following species of roach, Blaptica dubia, Blaberus craniifer and Blaberus discoidales. Drop me a email and we'll discuss the terms.


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Posted by Victor on 4/2/2004, 4:35 am, in reply to "Roaches wanted."


Hey all!! I live in South Mexico and I'm looking for "Japanese Palemtto Bugs"(Periplaneta japonica)and "Florida Skunk Roaches"(Eurycotis floridana)

please, drop me an E-mail,I'm very interesting for these two species.

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