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Lobster Roach Nymphs For Sale Plus BONUS!

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Posted by LindsayMarie on 4/1/2004, 6:35 pm


500+ Lobster Roach Nymphs For $55 shipped (includes insulated box, heat pack and shipping charges)

I have had a Lobster Roach EXPLOSION over here and need to move out some nymphs as soon as possible I am only looking to sell 500+ nymphs (smalls, mediums and larges) at this time and would like to do this in one order if possible. Since I want to sell these nymphs quick, I will be including 75 adults FREE with this order if it is complete by this coming Tuesday 4/6/04. That means the payment would need to be received and completed by Monday evening for me to ship out Tuesday afternoon. (This may exclude some payment options listed below and I am sorry for that!)

All orders are sent with an over count and include a care sheet and a sample of my leading quality roach gutload!

Payment Options:

NON credit card payments through Paypal, money orders, cashiers check, personal check (allow 7-10 days to clear) and cash (at your own discretion).


2 day Priority Mail shipping is included in the prices above. You can upgrade to next day air for an additional $15 (live arrival guaranteed with next day air). If the shipment is going to be subject to very hot or very cold temperatures, insulated boxes and heat or cold packs will be needed.

*At this time all orders will be sent insulated w/ heat pack!


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the e-mail address below. Look forward to doing business with you!


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