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Lucihormetica vs. Hormetica

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Posted by Martin H. on 4/12/2004, 10:22 am


can anybody tell me if Lucihormetica is a valid genus name or if Hormetica has to be used? There seems to be different opinions about this subject. I have found the following paper in which the genus Lucihormetica has been erected. Is there a newer paper which it has been synonymisized again?

Zompro, O & Fritzsche, I. (2000): Lucihormetica fenestrata n. gen., n. sp., the first record of luminescence in an orthopteroid insect (Dictyoptera: Blaberidae: Blaberinae: Brachycolini). Amazoniana 15(3/4): 211-219, figs. 1-6.


A new species and genus of Blattodea: Brachycolini is described from Brazil. This seems the first orthopteroid insect genus ever reported as possessing organs of illumination. The new genus is closely related to Hormetica Burmeister, 1838 and Parahormetica Brunner v. Wattenwyl, 1865, but differs in the presence of organs of illumination and the morphology of its genitalia. A key to Brachycolini genera is compiled, and their type-species are listed.

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