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Roaches and beetles for sale

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Posted by Dave on 4/17/2004, 12:37 am


I have a few things to offer:

One dozen orange heads for $12.00.

Blaberus craniifer death head cockroaches for $12.00 a dozen.

Shipping and handling for roaches is $6.00 priority mail for the first four dozen including delivery confirmation.

Colorado darkling beetle mealworms (large) for $1.00 a piece. An attractive, interesting and long lived species. Shipping is $4.00 priority mail.

Black field crickets. These fat, juicy, nutrient rich, all natural, wild caught and far better than pet store crickets are .10 a piece plus $4.00 priority mail shipping. I prefer 100 count orders on these. My toads love them.

I also have pill bugs available for .05 a piece. Intersting and also a good dessert for toads etc.

Taking offers on two - one year old toads. See pic. I'll have a large supply come August. Now taking pre-orders. I call them the perfect pet.

I accept paypal, money orders and personal checks. Please take the time to look at the picture page of what is being offered for sale.




Link: Pics of what's for sale

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Posted by Thai Mounivong on 5/10/2004, 1:26 pm, in reply to "Roaches and beetles for sale"

i am interested in buying the Colorado darkling beetle mealworms (large) for $1.00 a piece. i would like to buy at least 6 or 8 of them. please contact with the information or processed in ordering them.

thank you



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