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I was cleaning my hisser's tank so I had them in a temporary container. After I finished I started moving them back one by one, which didn't take long as I only have 7. As I was moving the last one, A male by the name of Raoch, he started spazzing and wiggled out of my hand. He fell about a foot and landed on a linoleum floor. He landed on his back, so I grabbed him and put him in with the others. I'm worried about him because I read that if they fall from to high up it can rupture their organs. I really love this little guy. :( Will he be alright? Is there anything I can do for him?

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He should be fine. Hissers are amazingly sturdy; I had one skittish female leap off my hand and land on concrete 3-4 feet down, then flip over and run for it! Just feed him well and keep him humid just in case.

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One foot should not be enough, but you can examine his exoskeleton for any ruptures or cracks.

That will also be good for you to observe that he is well...!



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