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How lo can you go?

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Hello roach fans....

I have a closet setup for my roaches and they all are doing great.... It stays about 80°-83°-F. Here is the question... I will soon have three "hisser" species and would like to have them "out", not in the closet. My reasoning for wanting to do so is, I am not looking to breed them in vast numbers and have read that higher temps speed up the reproduction, and growth rates. These are more pets than the other roaches I have and want to view them without going in the closet all the time. I want them to be healthy and happy but on the "slow" end of the scale. My place stays I'd say 72°-75°-F and in the cold winter the closet is the only chance as the temps drop inside to 65°-70°-F. What is the safe low end temp range for safely keeping G. Oblongata, G Grandidieri, and G. Portentosa. If you all think that the closet is best, so be it....healthy animals are the goal and viewing them is a .50cent extra.....

Thanks for all the help and insight in the short time I've been here..


PS I forgot the w in low....oops

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If you can keep them in the 70's they will be fine. I have had them go into the upper 60's a few times but not for any real length of time (overnight) and they were alright. There are ways to keep them lightly warm if the temp drops too much outside of your closet, too.

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I've let temps fall below 60 before on and off and everything was fine. However, the hissers I donated to the college were in a room that was about 60 most of the time. They didn't like that very much and reproduction came to a grinding halt with some of the nymphs dying. There were a couple of other undesirable variables in addition that could have caused a problem…with a grain of salt I suppose.

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