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Unknown Species from a book I have

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So I was flipping thru one of my books the other day and I came across a photo of some roaches that are so stunning looking.

Wondering if anyone knows what they are?

Book: Grasshoppers & Mantids of the world (published 1990)

Author: Ken Preston-Mafham

Page: 115

"Caption: Plate 63 These tiny cockroach nymphs aggregating on a tree in a South African forest would seem to be warningly colored, a phenomenon which is rare in roaches"

Page: 113 Extract

"However an unnamed species having they typical warning colors of a blue-black carapace ornamented with orange splashes was frequently noted by author as it around in daytime forests in Madagascar. The author has also several times found dense rafts of 200 or more tiny cockroach nymphs on tree-trunks in Kenya and South Africa. These are only in place during the day - at night they disappear presumably to forage...."


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