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Lateralis oothecas

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I have had my lats for months and months now, and everything has been fine.

Lately I started noticing less and less nymphs.

Now I see piles of oothecas on the substrate.

Granted, Ive never really paid attention or tried to see whats going on in there, as everything was good.

But since Ive noticed how hard it is to find smaller fresh nymphs, and seeing all the oothecas just laying around, I guess something is off.

I havent changed any aspect of the way I keep or have kept them.

This has been noticed more and more over the last 1 month.

I took a few females that had oothecas sticking out and put them in a separate container so I can more closely monitor whats happening.

Since I never bothered to notice before, is it normal for the oothecas to be placed on the substrate like that, and how long does it take for it to actually hatch?

I always thought the nymphs hatched out while it was still attached to the female???

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K, Thanks!

I did take 3 of the oothecas out of the "pile" and open them up.

There was only liqiud-ish substance inside . . .

Didnt really even see anything that would show evidence of there being SEPERATE nymphs in there.

Was kinda 1 big sac of puss.

Ill just have to keep my eye on things better I guess.

With the amount of adults I have(prolly 2-3K), there is no way possible that I have depleted the colony of nymphs just by feeding them off.

All my roaches are fed a high-quality diet and get fruits and veggies every coupla days.

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