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Excess Feeder Roaches

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Posted by Sean on 5/15/2004, 9:51 pm


Hello All,

I have really enjoyed your message board for many mnonths now. I am looking for people getting rid of roaches dirt cheap. If you are getting rid of an entire colony or just some excess nymphs. I cannot afford much at this time, but I am looking for Discoids, Death Heads, Giant Cave Roaches, Rhinoceros Roaches & Orange-Spotted Roaches. I currently have Hissers and Lobsters and I will have some orange heads next week (thanks Jeremy). I am just in it for the fun of it. I could trade small amounts of Lobster Roaches (up to 25 mixed nymphs/adults) for whatever you may have.

Please email me at hender75@yahoo.com.

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